Tuesday, 1 September 2009

New Season, New Start!

Well, after such a downturn in fortune over the past three years, it is now the time to move on.

I was amongst the many who were concerned about this campaign. The keeping of Phil Parkinson at the helm and a policy of not spending our little money to chase the dream straight back to the Championship were questionable as well.

However, as Charlton fans, we generally get on with it and make the best of what we have.

The early season success should not be blown out of proportion but it is unfair not to give recognition of a job being well done. Indeed, we are currently experiencing a good run of form and this is very promising.

The signings on transfer deadline day will bolster our numbers and hopefully give us depth to sustain our challenge in the division. It was my main gripe with Alan Pardew last season that we seemed to disregard the lack on centre half's at the club. Whilst we are still not overloaded this year, at least it has been addressed.

We have also opted for some experience in key areas. Centre backs and strikers are key to achieving the aim of promotion and scrapping our ludicrous loan player debacle from last term was also essential.

A good start, positive times ahead.

Come on you reds!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Is this really good enough?

Well a long reflection, the closing of the transfer window and the predictable phoenix rising of Manchester Untied and we arrive at the most critical time of the season.

Although the thought of buying anyone was a long way from the board's minds, it seems that perhaps this needed some consideration.

We have relied on loan signings all season and our predicament is the result. Is this because of the lack of commitment from players that were not in the long term plans of the club.

Surely, we should only bring players in that we hope to retain permanently!!!

News on Zheng Zhi returning to fitness would have been welcomed, if the player had not immediately stated the fact that he is unlikely to be at the club next season.

Whilst I accept this is most likely, surely he should be commenting on his contribution to rescuing the club. After all, he has been quoted as looking to move away before without any takers!!!

Getting a balanced team and using players eager to impress seems to have improved performances over recent games, if not for the full 90 minutes.

Both Rob Elliot and Darren Randolph are good prospects and could be the long term answer for the club. Grant Basey, Yassin Moutaouakil, JonJo Shelvey, Josh Wright, Scott Wagstaff etc... are all improving players and will benefit from a team performing well.

Whatever the outcome this season, these issues need to be remembered:

  • Loan players must be carefully selected. Only potential signings or full season premier players should be considered. Premier players must not be assumed to fit into the team and an analysis of their commitment has to be looked at.

  • You need players for the spine of the team. A good keeper, two strong centre halves, a talented midfielder and a goal scorer. Not sure we started this season with any of these.

  • Consistency is key. Give players a chance and don't keep chopping and changing.

We are a great family club and the turmoil of recent times is contributed to by the current economic climate but are we being treated fairly?

I don't want to see us give up and a sequence of wins could lift the whole club. We are continually getting leads and not holding onto them. Why?

This is the point from the start of the season. We have not centre backs. Bringing replacements in is stupid. Not because the players are poor but because we should have had sufficient players at the club from start of the season.

We are Charlton. Once everybody's example as a team to aspire to be like. Let's get us back there!!!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Well I have just sat back for a month to assess the RedVolution in action and it seems that the club is treading water.

With Queen's Park Rangers visiting on Boxing Day, it is very much, now or never. Phil Parkinson has 3 games to convince the board of the role for the rest of the season or the search for a manager has to be stepped up.

We seem unable to compete. Now the players are good enough to hold their own in this division and can probably challenge at the top end but the defensive situation we started the season with must be addressed.

Primus was not the answer, Crainie is too inexperienced and compounding this, it seems that Moutaouakil may leave in January due to personality issues with Parkinson.

Get a couple of experienced defenders in (although McEverly could be one) and try to locate a playmaker and perhaps the rest will fall into place.

Come on you reds!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Reid all about it

Having heard this three times today, it beggars belief.
Pardew has single handedly blamed the departure of Andy Reid for the club's misfortune. Whilst he has been missed and the income was not used to strengthen the team, surely he has had a long enough time to come up with better excuses than this.
Charlton have historically sold quality players to balance the finances and this was no exception. Next we will hear if Zheng Zhi had stayed fit we would be ok. Enough is enough. Alan Pardew must just accept that his selection decisions and changes were the primary reason for the current situation.
We are in the drop zone of division two due to his poor management. Fall on the sword and move on.

What's the story?

Apart from the sheer delight of the past two days and the potential for improvement, I must admit that the excitement is back.

Hopefully all addicks fans will see the benefit of the redvolution in full force. However, the ridiculous claims in the lovely press today seem to be hindering our progress.

  • Curb's did his part for the club and whilst I would never totally rule out a return to the club, he has made it clear that his future lies elsewhere.
  • Other media sources vaguely link Jorge Costa (but it seems the logistics and cost would go against this).
  • Paulo Di Canio!!! As much as the passion he would bring to our game, fascism to our approach and sheer footballing entertainment, this is a long shot.
  • Bloody Lawrie Sanchez. What has a bit part international manager, failed Fulham head coach, think he can offer us. Remembered for one flick header in 1988 that fluked an F.A. Cup final win.
  • Sam Alladyce. Route one, say no more!!

Lets see what Parkinson can do first. Giving Kins and Chapple a lead support will keep the club tradition going. Why can't we just get a solid foundation and move on. Again, consistency is the answer. SDAP and the manifesto can take afoot but we need to secure our place in the division and results are required.

The apt comments in Pedro45 in his letter from Martyn Waghorn home seem to identify what needs addressing at the club. Nicky Weaver now has to perform or get chopped. Bailey's class has to come through or replace him. The strikers must score goals. No excuses (feel free to express this to them during games as protecting their feelings won't help)!

Therefore with the addition of Keith Gillespie, I have revised my view for tomorrow night and hope for some influence from the reserves and if the team is right, then surely they will perform for the new gaffer:

Weaver; Moutaoukil, Hudson, Primus, Basey; Waghorn, Semedo, Shelvey, Bailey, Bouazza; Gray

Subs: Elliot; Fortune, Varney, Gillespie, Todorov

Whoever is selected, the performance is needed. With QPR only just appointing a new manager, we could have had better opponents but the last two away games were an improvement so lets hope!!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Let's Snow!!!

Well the levels of despair with the time of good will approaching could not have got worse (could they?). Then we go and take a humbling by an average Championship side who have had their own turbulent times.

Then the news came in that seemed as though it was Christmas morning and I was back as a five year old boy getting a bmx. Absolutely brilliant!!!

I looked out of the window and snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having... stop the songs, not yet anyway!!

Now, this is not for getting rid of the might of Alan Pardew as I do not genuinely wish him ill but his reign was untenable. Wow! that the club acted so quickly and congratulations on not culling other back room staff yet.

We are in an impossible position at present but the change of management may bring a different fortune. We are undoubtly in an unlucky spell. Unusual goals and brilliant defensive work by the opposition led to a different outcome to another game on saturday. I was looking for a 3-1 win and if we had been given a free kick just seconds before Jose Semedo's foul that led to United's second goal then the current situation may not have arrived. This is the thin line of football.

Things that summed up the weekend were all to apparent when we were stuffed and Pardew decided to make a straight swap up front. This was finally the last unbelievable straw for many fans.

I live for this club and as with many other fans have experienced the relatively few highs and suffered all the lows. Everyone deserves the best the club can offer. Whoever we may appoint as the next manager (and don't expect that to be immediately), we have to rebuild. I wouldn't want to write a season off but unless we can miraculously turn the season around with an unprecedented number of wins then realistically we are preparing for next year.

Hopefully the QPR game can bring some light for the club but consistency is now important. That is what cost us at the start of the season (along with a lack of defenders) and now we need to form a nucleus of a team. I hope we revert to using 4-4-2 in most matches as the 4-5-1/ 4-3-3 does not seem to use our players to their best abilities. However, lets pick an eleven that get given a few matches (barring injury) but also select players on form and give youngsters a go.

My team for tuesday may seem bizarre (and may need some recalling of players) but why not:

Weaver; Moutaouakil, Hudson, Primus, Basey; Waghorn, Shelvey, Semedo, Bouazza; Gray, Waghorn. Subs: Elliot, Fortune, Christensen, Varney, Dickson.

Let's be experimental. By Christmas I would love to see Shelvey, Wright, Basey, Christensen and Waghorn all regulars. Remember that we teams can actually win something playing kids. Without trying them, how will we know if they are good enough.

Racon will be fit. We need to bring in a centre half and possibly give Randolph a go in goal but this new era could propel the club.

I know this is a lot to see but at the moment I am looking at it as though Christmas has brought everything I wished for.

As for a new manager. Names are banded about which include many unlikely candidates but I would like to hold fire and just see what Phil Parkinson can do.

Yes, I would like to see a big name or a bit of experience but being realistic, we may not be able to attract and/or afford it. Paulo Di Canio, Jorge Costa etc... would all bring a passion to the team and may well boost the side but are they realistically going to come. Less we forget that when Curb's left, we struggled to attract any big names and we were a Premier League club then.

A good shout could be someone else who we have not thought about but wants to get into management. Not that it appeals to me but the likes of Andrew Cole may encourage players to come to the club. Again this is not a likely scenario but is as probable as any.

Anyway, the redvolution starts now and we must move on. With six games before Christmas, we need at least 12 points. Let's hope for the perfect start at Loftus Road where I feel that we can sneak a 2-1 win.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

I know where it's at (or not?)

For many weeks we have been trawls through the graveyards looking for a quality player (or 3) to add to our squad. Waghorn may be an inspiration but is this the only hope we have got.

I look towards Saturday with some great expectancy but I can't believe he will start ahead of the prolific Andy Gray!!! We are in need of some inspiration and sadly it does not seem to come from the manager. Pardew was a dedicated professional and is a solid manager but he lacks something.

Let's be positive though. The team are starting to fight and surely it is only a matter of time before results improve. Confidence will help them to become a stronger unit.

I really think a change is the right thing for the club and if it happens soon then the possibility of improvement will increase. Our players are capable of better and they know it. Hopefully they are realising it now.

Let's get the party started!!!